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Is your outdoor living area feeling a little lackluster? The best way to add both design and function to your outside space is to add a hardscape. Dreamstone Inc. in Orlando is here to explain what hardscapes are and how they can upgrade your home’s aesthetics and value.

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What is a hardscape? 

You can sort of think of hardscapes as outdoor enhancements. They include things like patios and decks, walkways, and walls, but they don’t stop there. Hardscapes can also include water features, fountains, fire pits, pergolas, and summer kitchens. Basically, they take a landscape and transform it into something that’s not only beautiful but also has function, which is important in a climate like Orlando’s.

Is it worth the money to install this feature in your outdoor living space? 

To be succinct, yes. It’s definitely worth it. Like we said, hardscapes not only make your outdoor areas more pleasing to the eye, but they can also add a great deal of function and make your space more enjoyable to spend time in. Here are the hardscapes we recommend installing for the best return on investment:

A deck or patio. This should be an obvious one – a deck or patio allows your outdoor living area to be more like an indoor living area. Even if small, this type of hardscape can allow for a few chairs or a small dining table. The options are endless when it comes to decks and patios – you can create spaces for dining, relaxing, exercising, and complement your new pool as well. Our Orlando-area experts can take a look at your space and recommend hardscape options, as well as install and maintain your outdoor living areas.

Landscaped walkways. This type of hardscape is an easy way to make your yard simpler to navigate (and they add a lot of curb appeal to the front of your house, too). Walkways are also a great way to add a little flair to a garden, whether it’s flowers or vegetables. 


Seating walls. If you’ve already got a deck in place, a seating wall is a great way to enhance the hardscape even further. These raised walls sit on the perimeter of the deck and offer more seating, places for potted plants or lighting, and additional definition to your outdoor living space. 

Fire pits. Orlando gets hot, but we also have our fair share of nights that are cool enough for s’mores. Adding this type of hardscape to your yard is definitely a way to boost your home’s value. Fire pits can be wood burning or gas, are easy to install, and can be placed on or off a deck or patio. Dreamstone Orlando can help you design your fire pit today.

Water features. From a small fountain to an ornamental fish pond to a cascading waterfall into a pool, a waterscape not only makes your outdoor living space beautiful but also can lend an audio component that’s hard to beat in terms of relaxation. Our Orlando tile and stone company specializes in water features, and we can help you choose and design the perfect addition to your backyard.

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Get started on your next hardscape project with Dreamstone Inc.

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