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Fully tiled pools: Are they right for you?

When you’re tiling your new swimming pool in Orlando – or redoing the tile for a fresh new look – you have a lot of decisions to make. Will you change your outdoor aesthetic with all new colors and designs? Are you going to integrate the spa to match? Will you need to update your pool deck so it all ties together? However, one of the biggest decisions you’ll need to make when it comes to your new or freshly redesigned swimming pool is whether to do waterline pool tile or a fully tiled pool. Dreamstone, Inc. is here to walk you through the pros and cons of both so you can decide with confidence. 

swimming pool tile installation

What types of pool tile options are available to you? 

When you’re deciding where to tile your swimming pool, you have two basic options: waterline tile or full tile. Here’s a brief rundown on exactly what these two options mean: 

  • Waterline pool tiles run along the top of your pool down to just below the waterline. They’re an accent to the finish of the swimming pool. 
  • Full pool tiles line the entire pool with tile. This particular pool tile design adds a unique dimensional look to the swimming pool. 

So what are the pros and cons of waterline tile and fully tiled pools? Here’s what our Orlando pool tile experts have to say about it. 

Waterline pool tiles: What to keep in mind 

  • Waterline pool tiles are a great way to accent the existing finish of your swimming pool. You can choose from seemingly endless shapes, colors, textures, and designs, which means you can truly customize your swimming pool to your unique taste. 
  • They also prevent scum lines. Pollen, dirt, oil from sunscreens, etc. can cause a film on the top of the pool, which then leaves a ring on the finish of the pool. Waterline tiles help prevent this from happening. 
  • Waterline pool tiles are cheaper than a full tile pool – you’ll only be doing a band that’s about six inches in total (not counting other places that will be tiled, like your pool steps, spa, etc.) so the cost is lower due to the smaller surface area. 

Fully tiled pools: What to keep in mind 

  • Fully tiled pools lend a very unique, upscale look to your outdoor living space. You’ll have the same options in terms of color, shape, and size, but tiling your entire swimming pool results in a modern and sleek appearance that never goes out of style. 
  • Full tile in swimming pools helps your pool retain its color (tiles won’t fade nearly as fast as finish) and design. 
  • Additionally, tile is more durable and less chemically reactive than pool finish. It’s also easier to clean and maintain through the Orlando seasons. 
  • Pool tile is smoother than pool finish, which means more comfort for your hands and feet, as well as for when you’re sitting on the steps. 
  • It does cost more than waterline tile as you’re covering more surface area with tiles, but the investment – and the longevity – are well worth it. 

Can you have a fully tiled pool in different shapes? 

fully tiled pool in Orlando

And in case you’re wondering, you can fully tile any shape or size swimming pool. Your pool doesn’t have to be rectangular or square in shape; our Orlando pool tile experts can also fully tile organically-shaped (rounded or oval) pools. You may be a little more limited on tile size, but it’s fully possible to make it happen. 

Schedule a consultation for your fully tiled pool with Dreamstone 

Why not schedule a consultation with our Orlando pool tile experts to see which of these options is best for you? We can help you with design and choosing the right materials, and then get your swimming pool finished OR updated with a brand-new look. You can reach us at (407) 677-5657 today, or email us for more information at info@dreamstonefl.com.