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How to choose a tile floor: Our top tips

Whether you’re thinking about retiling your home or designing a new build and looking for the right tile flooring, you know just how challenging it can be to pick one. There are seemingly endless options available to you (you know what we’re talking about if you’ve ever walked into a Floor and Decor) and it can quickly become overwhelming. Dreamstone, Inc. is here to help you choose the right tile floor for your Orlando home or business. Check out this easy guide. 

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Which material will you choose for your tile floor? 

When it comes to your choices of types of tile, there are a few that are most commonly used and will be solid bets for your next flooring project: 

  • Ceramic
  • Porcelain
  • Stone

And some people choose to utilize mosaic tile to add patterns and designs to their flooring. 

Questions to ask yourself before meeting with our Orlando tile team 

Before you can start narrowing down your choices for tile flooring, you need to answer a few questions and make a list of your priorities. Here’s what we recommend asking yourself: 

Is the tile floor going to be inside or outside? The location of your tile floor is critical to consider – outdoor tile needs to be weatherproof or you’re going to spend time and money down the road to replace it. 

Does it need to be slip-resistant? Are you concerned about slipping? Tile floor in the bathroom and kitchen should always be slip-resistant, but what about the rest of the house? Take safety into consideration when making your choice and ask our Orlando tile team about slip-resistant finishes. 

Where will the tile go? Is the tile going to be in a place with a lot of heavy foot traffic on a regular basis? If this is the case, you definitely want something durable. 

Is it going to be routinely exposed to moisture? If you’re putting a tile floor in a bathroom or kitchen, chances are it’ll be exposed to moisture on a regular basis. Be sure to choose a material that can stand up to it and have our team seal it accordingly. 

What is your design aesthetic? What colors and finishes will you be looking for? Will you mix and match? Do you want a shiny tile, something matte, or somewhere in between? What will the overall look of the space need to be? Designing a tile floor can be stressful – our Orlando tile experts can help you design the space in question and choose the right material. 

What is your budget? How much do you want to spend on the tile floor for this particular space or area of your home or business? 

These questions can help you further narrow down your choices and choose a material for your tile floor. 

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Tips for choosing a tile floor design 

Once you’ve answered those questions and chosen a type of material, it’s time to move into the finer details. Here are a few tips for solidifying your tile floor design: 

Stick to a color palette – it may help to make a physical version of it so you can see how all of the colors look together. The palette should include the entire room and consist of 3-4 colors total. 

Consider the size – how big do you want the tiles to be, and what shape? Remember, simpler is typically better when it comes to tile floor. Mixing lots of colors with various shapes and sizes can look busy and distracting. 

Don’t forget the grout. The color grout that you use can make or break your tile dreams. Our Orlando tile experts can help you choose the right color grout for your overall aesthetic. 

Remember that you’re going to walk on it. Of course, you want it to look amazing… but you also want it to be functional. Dreamstone’s experts can help you find the right balance between the two elements. 

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Schedule your consultation to get your tile floor project started today 

Again, Dreamstone can help you find the perfect tiles for your new flooring project – just schedule a consultation with us and let our Orlando-based experts walk you through the process. You can reach us at (407) 677-5657 today, or email us for more information at info@dreamstonefl.com.