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Tile types + what you should know about them

When you think of tile for your home, what comes to mind? Do you picture a beautiful accent wall of glass mosaics? Maybe new flooring for your living room is at the top of your mind. Or maybe a redesigned backsplash for your tired kitchen. There are many, many options available to you when it comes to types of material, too. 

However, it can be easy to get overwhelmed with too many options and end up with a stressful design project on your hands. We’re here to make your next home design project easier. Our Orlando tile experts at Dreamstone Inc. put together a quick guide to the types of tile and how to best use them. 

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What types of tile do we use at Dreamstone? 

A lot of people immediately picture floors when they think of tile. To be fair, it’s a popular choice for many homeowners. This material can freshen up or even completely redesign a space. It breathes new life into it from the ground up. 

However, the floor tile you’re likely picturing is just one of many options when you book a consultation with Dreamstone, Inc.. Here’s a quick guide to the different types of tile we use for our Orlando and Central Florida clients. 

Ceramic tile: Ceramic tile is an extremely popular option amongst homeowners and business owners alike. Ceramics are thin slabs of clay, water, or other inorganic materials that are hardened in a kiln. They’re also usually glazed when cooled. This type of material is durable and low-cost, which makes it a great option for floors. Ceramic comes in a multitude of colors and styles, making it extremely versatile. 

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Porcelain tile: Porcelain tile is another great option for floors. It’s similar to ceramic in that it’s made from clay and hardened in a kiln. However, it’s different in that porcelain tile is usually made of higher-grade clays and is fired at higher temperatures. It’s harder and denser than ceramic, which is why it’s great for your flooring projects. Like ceramic, it comes in a wide variety of colors, styles, and finishes. You can even find it in slabs that are then used on walls for an ultra-luxurious look in your Orlando home or business. 

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Mosaic tiles

Mosaic tile: Mosaic tiles are one of the most artistic-looking materials on the market. They are especially popular for Orlando pools and spas. Mosaic tiles are small – typically no larger than 2” by 2” – and are arranged to form a larger pattern. They’re typically made with ceramic, porcelain, or natural stone. 

Mosaics are an excellent way to breathe color and art into a typical kitchen, living room, or outdoor living area. Our Orlando tile experts are extremely skilled in mosaics for backsplashes, features, pool tile, and spas. 

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Glass mosaic tile: Glass mosaic tile is a type of mosaic that is slightly transparent and reflects light. They’re great for making smaller spaces seem larger, and they’re perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor living spaces as they’re pretty resistant to stains, mold, and mildew. Glass mosaics are made from glass paste or glaze that’s fired at high temperatures. 

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Metal tile: It sounds odd, but metal tiles do exist. They’re typically made from copper, tin, aluminum, or stainless steel. Metal is pretty popular as backsplashes and accent walls but is also able to be used as flooring, believe it or not. Installers will seal this material to ensure rust and oxidization don’t happen. 

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What natural stone options do we use at Dreamstone? 

Marble tile: Marble tile is a more luxurious material that is heavier and higher quality than ceramic or porcelain, which means it’s also more expensive. Marble tiles are made from layers of sedimentary stone that are quarried all over the world and then cut into tiles and slabs. It’s known for its wavy, veined pattern and offers an upscale aesthetic to your Orlando home or business. Marble is also extremely durable as it’s a natural material. 

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Granite tile: Granite tile is confused with marble a lot, but it’s not the same thing. Granite actually comes from igneous rock (formed by volcanoes). It’s an extremely durable type of material as it’s very dense. It typically has more of a pebbly or spotted color than marble but still lends an elegant, luxurious appeal to your home. Granite is more expensive than ceramic or porcelain, but offers a long-lasting life and also boosts your property value. 

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Travertine tile: Travertine tile is another type of stone that’s similar to marble and granite. It’s a sedimentary limestone material that’s usually made from mineral deposits from natural springs (sort of like the springs here in the Orlando area). Travertine is durable – in fact, the Colosseum in Rome is made almost entirely of travertine. It’s a great floor option with a more weathered look than its natural stone counterparts, which lends to a different design appeal. 

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Limestone tile: Limestone tiles are made from – you guessed it – limestone rock, which is a sedimentary rock. Limestone comes from calcium carbonate in the water and has a beautiful texture. It’s not quite as durable as marble or granite, but still offers a long life and a rich appearance. Ivory and beige limestone are some of the most popular colors and offer a neutral but refined look for your home projects. 

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Orlando tile installation is made easy with Dreamstone, Inc. 

Have questions about the right type of material for your home or business? Let our Orlando tile installation experts guide you through the process from start to finish! You can schedule a free consultation with the Dreamstone team today – just call (407) 677-5657 today, or email us for more info at info@dreamstonefl.com