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Tile installation + how we can help you

Did you know that Dreamstone, Inc. does much more than just tile flooring installation? We offer tile installation for inside and outside of your home and across multiple mediums. Whether you need a new backsplash for your kitchen or a fountain for your pool area, our Orlando tile installation team has got you covered. If you can dream it, we can do it – and here’s where. 

tile installation

Tile installation inside your home: What we can help with 

Tile flooring

If you’re looking for tile flooring installation inside of your home, you’re in luck – we’re experts in that arena and our skilled team can completely change the look of your home with fresh tile installation. We can upgrade your current flooring to stone, or switch you into a new ceramic tile that adds a pop of color. We can even take your current design to a new level with a mosaic or glass addition. 

Other Orlando tile installations 

However, like we said, we do much more than tile flooring installation. Our Orlando tile experts can also assist you with: 

Backsplashes: Up the design factor in your kitchen or bathroom with a custom backsplash. Backsplashes are an easy way to add color and movement to your aesthetic without having to do major renovations (or paint cabinets – nightmare). 

Fireplaces: There’s no easy way to remove a fireplace from a home, which is why our Orlando tile experts offer specialized services for tiling them and redesigning them to make them more modern and suited to your tastes. 

Bathrooms: Is that 1980s decor in your powder bathroom making you cringe every time you have guests over? Whether it’s a small half-bathroom or an oversized master bath, Dreamstone can tile or retile it to make it fresh, modern, and tuned into the aesthetics of the rest of your house. 

Porcelain panels: Large format porcelain panels can take an ordinary shower OR room and make it feel ultra-luxurious (and they’re also easy to clean and maintain). Let our Orlando design experts show you how to utilize porcelain slabs and panels to enhance the look of your home. 

Tile installation outside your home: What we can help with 

pool deck tile

Swimming pools, pool decks, and more 

Trying to change up the exterior of your residence and make your outdoor living space feel more like home? Dreamstone, Inc. is here to make it happen. We can take your swimming pool with tile or mosaic waterline tiles, or take things to an all-new level with a full-tile pool from edge to edge for an ultra-lux feel. Not only that, our Orlando tile installation experts specialize in: 

Feature walls: Dress up the exterior of your home with a beautiful feature wall designed to your specific tastes and preferences. Whether you want a colorful mosaic tile design or a sleek stone look, Dreamstone can make it happen. 

Spas: Don’t let dated features drag down your exterior design. Make your spa feel like-new again with a fresh waterline tile OR full tile design from the experts at Dreamstone, Inc. in Orlando. 

Decks: Let Dreamstone, Inc. build or retile your deck today and make your outdoor living space sleek and modern. Not only can it lend an all-new look to your space, but can also enhance safety for you and your guests while using your swimming pool. 

Balconies: Trying to refresh the balconies on your home or business? Our Orlando tile installation experts can give them a clean new look that still integrates seamlessly with the current design of your home or business building. 

Hardscapes: Even if you don’t have a swimming pool or pool deck, Dreamstone can beautify your outdoor living space with unique, custom hardscapes like paths, walls, firepits, and fountains to complement your yard’s landscaping and vegetation. 

Schedule your tile installation with Dreamstone, Inc. today 

Like we said… if you can dream it, then Dreamstone in Orlando can do it! Contact us today for any and all tile installation needs inside or outside of your home or business. Schedule a free consultation with the Dreamstone team today – just call (407) 677-5657 today, or email us for more info at info@dreamstonefl.com