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Should you use peel and stick backsplash for your kitchen or bathroom?

Changing out or adding a backsplash is an easy way to give your kitchen or bathroom an instant upgrade. It’s also a great way to bring in a fresh design aesthetic without having to spend a ton of time and money on it. You can choose from multiple types of tile – ceramic, mosaic, porcelain, stone, even metal, and have experts from Dreamstone help you design, measure, install, and care for your new backsplash. However, do you need to use professionals for backsplash installation? You know where we’re headed with this – peel and stick backsplash.

peel and stick backsplash

Peel and stick backsplash is becoming more and more available in stores and online, but is it worth your time and money? Our Orlando tile experts are here to give you the info you need. 

What is peel and stick backsplash? 

Peel and stick backsplash is exactly what it sounds like. You buy a roll or box of it, peel the back off, and stick it on your wall. It has a special adhesive backing and comes in materials like tile, glass, wood, and metal. You can install it yourself and you don’t need any special tools to do it, so it’s a minimal investment. Sounds great, right?

Is peel and stick backsplash worth your money? 

Think again. Although peel and stick backsplash is more affordable than traditional backsplash, it actually has quite a few drawbacks. Here are the major ones that our Orlando tile experts notice when they encounter it in the field: 

  • It doesn’t look like real tile. It might pass at a distance, but peel and stick backsplash doesn’t look like real tile up close. If you live in a small space, it’ll likely be very noticeable and can cheapen the design of your kitchen. 
  • There can be issues with it if it’s not installed properly. The adhesive and glue that are required to install it can be messy and challenging to work with at times, and if you don’t install it properly, it’ll be falling off the walls before you know it. 
  • It’s not very durable. Traditional backsplashes are set in a bonding agent like mortar, and often sealed for an additional layer of protection. Kitchens see a lot of stains and spills, and bathrooms have constant moisture present.  Your peel and stick material may not be able to handle the daily wear and tear. 
  • The adhesive wears off. The adhesive and glue used to attach peel and stick backsplash to the wall does wear out over time, which means you’ll need to replace it. Real tiles set in a bonding agent have a much longer shelf life. 
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Is this type of backsplash ever worth it?

The only pro our Orlando tile experts see when it comes to peel and stick backsplash is that it’s temporary. If you live in a rental, it could be a good option for you if you’re trying to change the style of your kitchen or bathroom but need to change it back to the way it was when you leave. 

All in all, peel and stick generally is not the way to go if you want the most bang for your buck. Investing in a quality backsplash set in the right bonding agent is much more cost-effective in the long run. And there are plenty of affordable tile options to consider and affordable experts to install it for you. 

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